Delicious Corn Nuggets Ever

If you have ever tried corn nuggets in restaurants as a starters or for any time of your meal. How does it taste? What do you feel after eating them? I tried today with my friends. They were delicious to taste. I wondered that how did the restaurants make this nuggets so deliciously. Immediately, i reached the manager of the restaurant, asked her that i wish to see the chef, who made this nuggets.

The manager received me so well and she allowed me to meet the chef. The chef enthusiastically replied to my questions patiently. Based on his answers. I tried corn nuggets in my home. I succeeded to do it. Now, i am enjoying the restaurant taste like corn nuggets, daily in the kitchen, at my home. You can also keep them in air tight lid container if there are any leftover after you ate them. You can simply take out and reheat them whenever you want to eat.

Corn Nuggets

Today i would like to share the corn nuggets recipe with you. What are the ingredients i have used to make this recipe perfectly like as restaurant recipe? How would i do that delicious corn nuggets in my home? The magic creates with the ingredients and giving the time to the batter gives the best results of making corn nuggets. You can prepare, just if you want to try with few quantity of nuggets. If you want to make large number of corn nuggets, then double up the ingredients. Let’s see the ingredients first, later the preparation of corn nuggets.

Ingredients Require For Corn Nuggets

  • Creamed corn (1 can).
  • Whole kernel corn (1 can).
  • Yellow cornmeal (1/2 cup).
  • All purpose flour (1/2 cup).
  • Egg white (1 enough).
  • 2 Tablespoons milk.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • Vegetable oil (3 cups) to fry deeply.

Supplies You Need

  • Bowls-2.
  • Stirrer to mix.
  • Spoons.
  • Aluminium foil.
  • Paper towels.

How To Prepare Corn Nuggets

It will take 4 hours time to prepare. In whole process only 3 hours time take for freezing. After that it will take just a few minutes. Corn nuggets has 68 calories. Fat: 4 grams, carbohydrates: 8 grams, and protein: 1 gram. To prepare corn nuggets, take a medium bowl. Add the creamed corn and whole kernel corn into the bowl, take them as mentioned in the above required quantities. Stir them until they mix together.

After mixing the corn, take the aluminium foil and spread on the baking sheet on the table and dress with the vegetable oil or cooking spray. Arrange the mixture on the baking sheet contain aluminium foil in a line. Add spoonful of corn powder into the baking sheet. And freeze it until it firm, for 3 hours by covering with some lid or cover with transparent item to prevent contamination.

Pour The Mixture On Baking Sheet
Pour The Mixture On Baking Sheet

You have to prepare it for as evening snacks you have to start the preparation from afternoon. You may prepare the batter into the different shapes or spread the batter in even manner not like in the above image. After 3 hours you can make balls or any shape you want to prepare nuggets. By following the required quantities you can make 20 nuggets.

In the meanwhile of freezing the mixture, take another bowl pour cornmeal, all purpose flour, egg white, milk, salt, and pepper. Mix them, until the ingredients come together. The batter is ready. Now take out the baking sheet which is put in the freeze mode. Take out the mix into your hand and make any shape of nuggets you want or simply do as in the shape which is shown in the first image in this page. Dip into the batter present in the another bowl mix.

How To Prepare Corn Nuggets 1
How To Prepare Corn Nuggets 1

Before dipping the nuggets, heat an inch size oil in a pan. And check it reaches the certain temperature to that deep fry nuggets. Once you have checked and it is ready. Sink the nuggets from baking sheet which are dipped in the cornmeal mix in another bowl into the oil pan. Deep fry them. Take out when they turned out to yellow golden color. Ah! hotty-hotty corn nuggets are ready.

You can serve them along with mayo sauce or any tomato sauce, the home made corn nuggets will beat up the nuggets available in the restaurant. Enjoy with your family. You can add if you observe the cornmeal makes the batter powdery. Take cornmeal and the other ingredients separately in different bowls. If you are doing like this then dip first in the ingredients mix bowl and next the cornmeal. This is how i tried and succeeded. It’s your turn to make corn nuggets in your home. Made your day with corn nuggets.

Frequently Asked Questions On Corn Nuggets

1. Corn nuggets near me?

You can trace out through the location apps in your iphone’s.

2. Corn nuggets air fryer?

You can nuggets by using the air fryer too. It is also an another mode of heating the corn nuggets. In this process you have to apply the oil on nuggets to use air fryer.

3. Corn nuggets calories?

There are 68 calories in corn nuggets.

4. Corn nuggets air fryer time?

It will take 15 minutes.

5. Corn nuggets recipe with jiffy mix?

You can try with jiffy mix too.

6. Corn nuggets chicken express?

It is in Texas, Oklahoma. It is famous there.

7. Corn nuggets publix?

Great meal in a day. It is made of with the breaded and fried corn nuggets.

8. Corn nuggets golden chick?

These are nothing but chicken nuggets made with creamed corn.

9. Corn nuggets recipe without freezing?

Corn nuggets recipe without freezing leave the batter by covering the plastic on it. For 15 minutes until the batter got the soft texture.

10. How to make corn nuggets?

You can observe the above content how to make corn nuggets, in this page.

11. Sweet corn nuggets?

Same like corn nuggets.

12. Frozen corn nuggets in air fryer?

It will take 15 minutes. For more you can follow the answer 2.

13. Frozen corn nuggets?

Kindly check the answer 2.

14. Cheese corn nuggets?

Made with the cheese. Add the cheese in the bowl of ingredients mix.

15. Air fry corn nuggets?

Follow the answer 2.

16. How to make corn nuggets with jiffy mix?

Use jiffy mix in the ingredients bowl. The process is same other than the step.

17. Frozen corn nuggets air fryer time?

Follow the answer 2.

18. Golden chick corn nuggets?

Made with creamed cheese and corn.

19. Corn flake chicken nuggets?

Use corn flake instead of cornmeal and follow the above given recipe.

20. Corn dog nuggets?

Corn Dog Nuggets are iconic. These are famous in Casey’s. Mini corn hot dog sausages are dipped in sweet cornmeal batter and fried until crispy.

21. Corn dog nuggets air fryer?

You can fry with air fryer.

22. Cornflake chicken nuggets air fryer?

Kindly follow the answer 19 and use air fryer to deep fried the chicken nuggets. It will take 20 minutes.

23. Corn cheese nuggets?

It is made of creamy cheese.

24. Cornstarch chicken nuggets?

Follow the above process of making corn nuggets how to make corn nuggets. If you want to know about chicken nuggets, simply login onto this site for more.

25. Cornstarch chicken nuggets air fryer?

Follow the answer 25.


I hope you may like the corn nuggets very well. If you want any information regarding the corn nuggets and any other chicken nuggets etc. You can simply login onto this site for more information. Let me know if you try something new and share me your experience of making corn nuggets.

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