Best Fried Dough Recipe Ever In 15 Minutes

Fried dough recipe is the best recipe to work with. It is an easy and simple recipe. It will take 8 ingredients and 15 minutes time to prepare. Everyone, always doing routine things on weekend, that makes them feel bore. Along with that, by doing that things, they spend less time with their children.

So, for a change, try this weekend to make your day amaze with beautiful memories and delicious snacks for everyone with this fried dough recipe. It is the best activity to grab some time to spend with your children and family.

And by taking their help in this activity, makes them feel very happy. After doing this fried dough recipe with your family, you will definitely fall in love with this, because of its taste. Your children also love it. They will ask you to make it again and again. The children will eagerly wait until the next weekend, to do this recipe with you.

Fried Dough Recipe

You can do more recipes with the dough, Among the dough varieties, the children will like to eat fried dough recipe with lots of love. Not only weekends, it is a simple process and take 15 minutes to prepare you can prepare it whenever you want to, or whenever you would tired of feeling bore, you can try it by following the given below guidelines easily.

You will love it so much. Do you wanna try? Are you eagerly waiting for do it? Then let’s see how to prepare this wonderful recipe in a short duration. But before going to see the preparation of fried dough recipe, You have to know what are the ingredients you require to prepare fried dough recipe.

What Are The Ingredients You Need For Fried Dough Recipe

4279 3 large
4279 3 large

The ingredients you need for fried dough recipe are:

  • 1 ¾ cups flour.
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder.
  • ½ teaspoon salt.
  • 1 tablespoon sugar.
  • 2 tablespoon melted butter.
  • ⅔ cup milk.
  • Powdered sugar.
  • Oil .

Now let’s see how to prepare the best delicious fried dough recipe in 15 minutes.

How To Prepare Fried Dough Recipe

Kindly and carefully follow these instructions to prepare the best delicious fried dough recipe ever in 15 minutes. The above given ingredients are all available at your home, in the kitchen. Whenever you want to prepare this recipe if you find lack of, some of the ingredients. Get them from the market, one day before making this fried dough recipe. And one more thing, it is a low carbohydrate and sugar-free recipe. Even, a diabetic people also have this, without sprinkling the powdered sugar. Diabetic people can use sugar-free which is available in the market, who likes to eat with sugar. Now see the preparation, step by step.

1. Prepare The Dough

Prepare the dough
Prepare the dough

Take the liquid-less ingredients first. From the Ancient times, most of the people in the south try this method of, filtering the flour before mixing, whatever the flour they use, they will do this. Because by doing this, the dough will get smooth texture and chiefly to avoid, is there any clogs in the flour. Okay! Filter the flour like in the above picture or avoid it. And add all the dry ingredients one by one. Salt, baking powder, sugar into the flour. Mix all of them perfectly. Until the flour blend with all the ingredients.

2. Add Wet Ingredients

Now add the wet ingredients butter, milk and oil as per the quantities which we mentioned in the above ingredients list.

Add Wet Ingredients

3. Flat Surface

Transfer the flour onto the surface with flat, or a board surface to knead the mix like in the given below image (Flat surface).

4. Knead The Flour Mix

Place the mixture which is you have done till now, on the surface. Knead the flour mix until it get the smooth texture like this.. in the given below image.

Knead The Flour Mix

5. Let’s Blend Itself For Sometime

Let’s blend into the round shaped in the bowl, after kneading it. Now leave it for 2 to 3 minutes by covering it with lid. Later open the lid. Observe the dough becomes like this given in the below image.

Lets Blend Itself For Sometime
Lets Blend Itself For Sometime

6. Make Dough Balls

After the dough ball gets require texture take some flour and make round dough balls as a next step for the fried dough recipe. Make small round round dough balls. Like in the given below image.

Make Dough Balls 1
Make Dough Balls 1

7.  Roll Each Ball

Now take the dough balls and roll them into 3/8 inches piece like given in the below image. For fry.

8. Heat The Oil In The Pan

In the meanwhile of making dough balls into roll. Now take a pan and pour oil upto 1 inch and heat the oil at 350 degrees F. Check the oil got heat or not. Take a small pinch of dough and try it is frying or not. Then gently and slowly take the roll and drop onto the oil. Don’t use the force while dropping the roll into oil. It may come out as tiny droplets out of the pan. Be careful while doing it.

Keep them until they become crispy and and golden color. Don’t drop too much if you use the small pan then one is enough for that pan. Depends on your pan drop the rolls. Make sure don’t allow the rolls to get overlap. Now sprinkle the sugar on fried dough crispy pieces. Taste them with sauce.

Aw! It tastes so good. I have tried it many times easily. You can also put in the oven and the out put is like in the given above image. You can also roll the balls into different shapes. You can see the first image in the page contains rectangular shape ones, and these round ones. Just sprinkle them with sugar powder is enough,

You can also store it for 2 days at room temperature in air tight lid container. After sometime you can reheat them. Enjoy the hot hot fried dough recipe awesome taste.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fried Dough Recipe

1. Fried dough recipe with yeast?

Fried dough recipe with yeast, Just add the yeast during the mix of dry ingredients in the above procedure you will get puffy and well recipe out.
2. Fried dough recipe easy?

Yes, Fried Dough Recipe is very easy. You can simply complete it in 15 minutes.

3. Fried dough recipe with pizza dough?

Without knead pizza dough will work out with the fried dough recipe.

4. Fried dough recipe no yeast?

Refer the above given how to prepare the fried dough recipe without yeast.

5. Fried dough recipe air fryer?

You can see the image next to the heat oil on the pan, it is by air fryer.

6. Fried dough recipe italian?

Yes, fried dough recipe italian.

7. Fried dough recipe with pancake mix?

You just need to add the eggs and some spices to pancake batter. It will good as chicken coating. Perfect mix.

8. Fried dough recipe without baking powder?

Fried dough recipe without baking powder is, you can find the recipe becomes hard.

9. Fried dough recipe no butter?

Tastes good, But not that much with butter.

10. Italian fried dough recipe?

Follow the recipe given above.

11. Easy fried dough recipe?

Given above the procedure for easy fried dough recipe.

12. Chinese fried dough recipe?

It is same as the above one but add some ingredients like vegetable oil and the sift flour. See this video.

13. New England fried dough recipe?

It is more like new England but it is from German settlers of rural Pennsylvanian.

14. Gluten free fried dough recipe?

Use gluten free fried dough recipes with gluten free flour with almond flour, potato starch.

15. Pillsbury fried dough recipe?

This serves instant fried dough recipe on table.

16. Portuguese fried dough recipe?

These are light and airy fried dough recipe.

17. Homemade fried dough recipe?

The homemade fried dought recipe has given in the above preparation.

18. Fair fried dough recipe?

Follow the above preparation you will find the fair fried dough recipe.

19. Fried pie dough recipe?

After bake them just dip them in light juicy corn syrup and dip them in the water or brush them in the water.

20. Fried bread dough recipe?

Fried bread dough recipe just add bread powder in the dry ingredients like in the above given procedure.

21. Fried empanada dough recipe?

For this recipe you have to add the lard in the flour. All of the above process is same.

22. Fried apple pie dough recipe?

Cornstarch is the best dough for fried apple pie dough recipe.

23. Fried cookie dough recipe?

Fried cookie dough recipe is the best one i have tasted among cookies.

24. Fried dumpling dough recipe?

Fried dumpling dough recipe depends on the shape and the stuff you put inside it all matters. You can put the stuff as per your taste.

25. Fried empanada dough recipe panlasang pinoy?

Use empanada dough, for the recipe panlasang pinoy and do it in the same process as i mentioned above.

26. Fried pie dough recipe bisquick?

Fried pie dough recipe bisquick is made of biscuits powder mix.

27. Fried hand pie dough recipe?

Combine the flour, sugar, salt and pulse in the mixture and make separate mix for stuff with seasonings.


I hope you may like the content in this page. Try this wonderful recipe whenever you want to. If you want to know about this fried dough recipe. Login onto this site for more information. Let me know that if you try with different seasonings and oils as per your taste.

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