Starbuck Cake Pops

Favorite dessert of guests for any occasion, after a happy meal, serves the cakes as a nice dessert. Not only for the guests, the children be welcomed along with the guests. Some cakes made with wine and alcoholic content. So the children won’t allowed to eat cake in some occasions, they may get dissapointed. Even some people in the occasion can’t eat whole cake, but they are able to handle small ones.

Based on this preferential view of children and the guests, Starbucks brought a wonderful cake recipe for us called Starbucks cake pops. It is handy, small in size, can able to handle who will like to eat in small quantities of cake, low cost, lovable, attractive and tasty. For children it is a heaven made pop. They can also choose, according to their taste and flavors of the cake. These pops are made with different flavors of the cake. They love it. The children love to buy this pop as like a normal candy.

Starbuck Cake Pops

Decorate Starbuck cake pops around the Christmas cake or New year cake or Birthday cake or Valentine’s day cake of yours which are made with different flavors. Your children too, will feel very happy. Children will never resist to eat starbuck cake pops which are kept on the cake. Different starbuck cake pops made with different flavors like, vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, and lemon. Today i would like to share my experience of making starbuck cake pops at home with you.

My sisters love to eat cake pops. I use to make them for my sisters in weekends. They enjoy to eat them while watching the movie along with the family. Now if they find that i am going to make starbuck cake pops i challenge that they will thrill. Let’s see how to make starbuck cake pops and what are the ingredients we need.

Ingredients Need For Starbuck Cake Pops

  • Cake pop sticks.
  • Vanilla frosting.
  • Cake.
  • Oil.
  • Icing.
  • Candy melts.
  • Sprinkles as per your like from pantry.

How To Make Starbuck Cake Pops

First things first prepare the cake. How would i prepare the cake? Which cake that starbuck use? Starbuck use Italian bakery cakes from the bakery shop called “Princi”. This bakery supply the bakery goods to the starbuck, so we are making that cake here by following their instructions on the packet. Starbucks receiving the cake pops since 2010 September by SRO.

1. Prepare the cake by using these items, Cake [Sugar, Enriched wheat flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic Acid), Water, Soybean oil, Eggs, Powdered sugar (sugar, cornstarch), Egg whites (Egg whites, Guar gum, Triethyl citrate), Palm oil, Butter (Pasteurized cream, Natural flavors), and Modified ingredients or you can simply use store brought cake for starbuck cake pops. Observe the below image ingredients of cake.

Ingredients of cake

2. Today i am going to use store brought cake to make starbuck cake pops. First take the cake or make the cake. If you have taken the store bought cake bake it for 1 minute. Take out and let it cool. Remove the brown part of the cake. Thrown away into the dustbin. Take the white part of the cake. I am taking the images from my own cake pops, i am using the different flavors to make different flavors of cake pops. You may need not to be confuse on seeing the different flavors in the images. Observe the crumbled cake int the given below image.

crumbled cake

3. Now make the cake crumble up into small pieces that helps you to make small balls. Add vanilla frosting and stir. Now start to make roll the mix into balls that fit in a cake pop sticks. Make sure it has to be mixed together very well. Then the cake pops will come out with excellent texture and taste. Size depends on your will of making large or smaller ones. Now put them in a line on baking sheet with parchment paper. Put in freezer.

Melting candy

4. You have to melt the candy in microwave like the chocolate candy melting in the above image. Keep in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir until it gets smooth and melted. Take out the cake balls from freezer. Now insert the cake pop sticks into cake balls half way not completely. Now dip each cake pops stick into melted candy that you take. Make sure the candy not solidify and reheat it if you observe any part of the candy entering into the solidification process. See in the given below image.

Dip The Cake Pop Sticks Into Melted Candy

5. Make sure the cake pops cover with melted candy without any gaps all over the cake. Drip the excess melted candy if the cake pop takes. Do it same thing to other cake pop sticks. Put them in a Styrofoam which helps to make the candy dry and solid. Then add the sprinkles that you take from the pantry on the next moment of the cake pops dry. You can serve them in cellophane after they dry. Keep them in airtight lid container.


I hope you may like the starbuck cake pops. If you want to know more you may simply login onto the site for more information.

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