Most Popular Indian Cooking Recipes and Dishes To Try

Best Indian Food Recipes | Most Popular Indian Dishes

In India, cooking is a way of expressing love. Indian food is not just a blend of spices and condiments but the food is cooked carefully, adding the right spice, the right amount of spice, and at the right time. Here is the Most Popular Indian Cooking Dishes with great recipes which will take care of all this.

Indian curries are delicious and can be prepared with just a few simple ingredients. The secret of producing these aromatic delicacies is adding the right ingredient at the right time, thus following the correct sequence of cooking.

The vegetables and meat are eaten with rice or Indian bread (rod). Exotic biryanis and pulao prepared from Indian basmati rice, flavored with magical spices like fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, and cardamom pods, are all explained simply.

Special Indian sweets have been included. The Indian Ice Cream – Kulfi is our specialty. Mostly the sweets are milk based. Green cardamoms and saffron are used extensively in Indian desserts for flavoring.

We have tried to make the recipes as simple as possible, giving step-by-step instructions, allowing you to enjoy the exotic flavors and aroma of Indian food, any time of the week.