White Tea Shot In 30 Seconds

White tea shot is the mix of the peach flavor (from peach schnapps and some vodka). Best tea shot to serve for the evening parties is, white tea shot. It works great for parties to have more fun. Your friends also will love it a lot. It creates more fun by making along with friends. You just need 4 simple ingredients to make. It is totally vested with alcohol. And it contains some sweet and sour taste of lemon juice. Not only for parties you can make it at the time of gatherings. You will have lots of fun and can bring happiness on everyone’s face. Let’s see the White tea shot recipe in simple process.

White Tea Shot

Making of white tea shot need some supplies, if you are throwing a party in your home. Generally these are all available at your home bar. If you won’t find any supplies and ingredients at your home bar. A day before throwing the party, bring all the supplies, ingredients that you need.

You can even manage some supplies, not exact things you can use substitutes like, For instance instead of cocktail shaker you can use mason jar which contains a lid to contain the substance. White tea shot doesn’t contain any tea ingredients.

Just like the green tea shots, White tea shot doesn’t contain any tea ingredients in it. Let’s see what are the ingredients you require and what are the supplies you need for making delicious white tea shot.

Ingredients Require For White Tea Shot

Ingredients Require For White Tea Shot

Ingredients require for white tea shot are:

  • Vodka.
  • Peach from peach schnappers.
  • Sweet and sour mix.
  • Lemon lime soda.
  • Fizz.

Things Or Supplies You Need

  • Cocktail shaker.
  • Shots.
  • Jigger.
  • Bar strainer.

How To Make White Tea Shot

To make white tea shot, kindly follow the given procedure to create a perfect white tea shot.

White tea shot is the mix of equal parts of vodka, sweet sour mix, and lemon lime. It is a great cocktail drink. In summer, it plays best part. Okay! Stop wasting the time.

  • Take cocktail shaker or mason jar which contains the lid to contain the ingredients not to go out while shaking it. Fill with ice cubes upto some part of the cocktail shaker.
  • And take a measuring glass or spoon to pour the ingredients equally to avoid uneven measurements of ingredients. Later pour the vodka (Make sure it is not to be very expensive, because it has strong flavor it dominates the flavor of the other ingredients.) Choice of brand (vodka) is yours. And add sweet sour mix.
  • To bring fruity and delicious flavor to drink, add peach flavor from peach schnapps. Shake well to mix all the ingredients perfectly blend together. And add as a final finish for drink with lemon lime soda.
  • Now take the shot glasses, roll them on salt at the top surface and cut the lemon piece in the middle. And put it on the side of the shot glasses. Fill the shot glasses with white tea shot liquid. Cool the shot drink in the fridge or you want to manage with ice cubes, is fine.
  • If you want to make white tea shot as a drink double the ingredients as we mentioned earlier in the ingredients for white tea shot.
  • You can prepare sweet-sour lime mix like this in your home. Add 1 cup water to 1/2 cup granulated sugar. Put the flame in the medium. Let the sugar be dissolved in the water.
  • Then add fresh lime juice (1/4th cup) and add fresh lemon juice (1/4th cup). Now the sweet-sour mix is prepared. You can store it in the fridge, it lasts for a week. Add fizz like a finisher on the top.

You can add instead of vodka with rum, cocktail, tequila etc… in the addition part of vodka in process of making.

Frequently Asked Questions On White Tea Shot

1. White tea shot vodka?

Process of making white tea shot has given above in how to make white tea shot part. You can refer there.

2. White tea shot vs green tea shot?

In both of them tea is not an ingredient but same in having alcohol content. The difference between the both shot is in white tea shot vodka has been used. And in the green tea shot Irish whiskey.

3. White tea shot ingredients?

These are the ingredients of white tea shot.

  • Vodka.
  • Peach from peach schnappers.
  • Sweet and sour mix.
  • Lemon lime soda.
  • Fizz.

4. White tea shot – tipsy bartender?

White tea shot-tipsy bartender do magic or create magic for night if your choice that you want to drink white tea shot in the bar or at your home bar.

5. White tea shot peach schnapps?

White tea shot peach schnapps are made of the peach flavor.

6. White tea shot tequila?

Add tequila in the place of vodka as i mentioned above in the given process how to make white tea shot.

7. White tea shot vodka peach schnapps?

Peach flavor add in the white tea shot, that peach has taken from the peach schnapps.

8. White tea shot titos?

Titos is ambient and it’s music is excellent in Goa.

9. White tea shot titos are?

White tea shot titos are made of vodka, peach, slime lime and lemon juice.

10. White tea shot recipe tequila?

White tea shot recipe tequila you may refer in the 6 th question.

11. What’s in a white tea shot?

Vodka, peach, slime lime juice, lemon juice and fizz are present in white tea shot.

12. Simple white tea shot?

You may refer on the above process how to make white tea shot.

13. Orange tea shot?

Orange tea shot is made of Jame-son orange.

14. Tokyo green tea shot?

Melon liqueur is used in the Tokyo green tea shot.

15. White gummy bear shot?

Gummy bear shot is made of gummy bears.

16. Black tea shot?

Camellia sinensis is the ingredient of black tea shot.


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